Thursday, February 8, 2018

Getting SMART

The Presbytery of Lake Michigan's Leadership Team held a retreat on January 25th with representatives of our committees and ministry teams.  Led by our consultant Linda Badger Becker, we worked in small groups to wrestle four broad goals into specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely (SMART) objectives.  Recorder/Facilitators at each table recorded the ideas generated by the small groups.  A task force, made up of Andy Thorburn, Karen Kelley, Dru Wrasse and myself, is working now with this input to shape a ministry plan.  The four goals identified by the Leadership Team at its January 4th meeting are:

  • PLM will work to strengthen relationships between the Presbytery and its congregations, the Presbytery and its minister members, the Presbytery and Sessions, and congregation.
  • PLM will resource and support faith communities for healthy and vital ministries.
  • PLM will develop and support healthy and dynamic leaders for worshiping faith communities and validated ministries. 
  • PLM will fulfill its other responsibilities mandated in G-3.03 in the Book of Order, including but not limited to organizing, receiving, merging, dismissing, and dissolving congregation, Over see congregations without pastors; Establishing pastoral Relationships and dissolving them; Guide the preparation of those preparing to become ministers of Word and Sacrament; Maintain relationships with Synod and General Assembly as well as ecumenical and interfaith entities;  Develop strategies for the mission of the church in its district.  (The bold needing new emphasis.) 

Gil Rendle describes this work as wrestling a goal down to a measurable outcome.  The wrestling implies that this is not an easy task.  Our SMART objectives will be guided by our earlier discerned core values, mission and vision statements.  We welcome your ideas and prayers as we get SMART! 

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