Saturday, June 6, 2015

Summer Schedules

During the upcoming weeks please make note of the following.  Calls to presbytery staff members' extensions, who are on vacation, will be forwarded to another staff member who will be on call.  We will each try to do our best to serve your needs.  Your understanding is appreciated as the person on call will no doubt not be as informed as the staff member called. Also, and very importantly, please call ahead before visiting the Presbytery office and Resource Center.  Office hours over the summer will be very sporadic.  Please make an appointment for your presbytery office/resource center visit to assure that you will not be frustrated.

There is a rhythm to life and ministry!  There is a time and season for everything according to Ecclesiastes.  There is a time to work hard, and a time to rest and allow God to regenerate and restore our energy!  Summer is a time when many of us take some vacation.  So it is for the Presbytery Staff, with the exception of Verla Custer, our Camp Director, who kicks into full time service these weeks.  Likewise, summer is prime time for lake side communities and churches.  Pray for them!  Please see the staff's comings and goings on the Presbytery Calendar

When a pastor or staff member of a congregation plans vacation or time away for professional development, please honor this time.  It is important for the health of the individual and their families, but also the congregation.  I pray for blessed summer adventures!

All the Best!