Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Called to Serve

I am often called upon to represent the Presbytery at special events. On Pentecost Sunday, it was my privilege to worship with the Brooklyn Presbyterian Church.  They were sending off their senior pastor, Frank Rupnik, who is also a chaplain in the Navy Reserves, on a tour of duty in Germany.  His mission will be to assist in the reorientation of Navy personnel returning home from tours of duty in the Middle East and Africa.  Frank gave the children of the church small American flags as a reminder of his call to service, and as a call to pray for him, Stephanie, his wife, and their boys, the men and women with whom he will be ministering, and Rev. Christine Barnes, the Associate pastor at Brooklyn, who will be taking on head of staff duties during his absence.  I took one of the flags, and have placed in on my desk.  I invite you to join the Brooklyn Congregation, the children and me in praying for Frank, his family and these returning Navy sailors.

The Rev. Dr. Frank Rupnik's address through the end of the year will be:
Navy WTP
Attn Chaplain Rupnik
Sembech Unit 29926
 APO AE  09136-9926

His email address will continue to be rupnikiii@hotmail.com

Stephanie Rupnik's Address is:
400 Case Road
Brooklyn, MI  49230