Tuesday, June 26, 2012

220 GA

The 220th General Assembly convenes June 29th at Pittsburgh, PA.  Commissioners from Lake Michigan Presbytery are Elder Sharon Brinks (Forest Hills), Elder Ron Hayes (Jonesville), Elder Janet Magennis (Holland, First), Rev. Jeff Garrison (Hastings, First), Rev. James Hegadus (Jackson, First), and Rev. George Hunsberger (Western Theological Seminary).  I will be accompanying them and writing a daily blog.  You can also follow events at https://www.pc-biz.org/ClientHomePublic.aspx  Please pray for the work of this Assembly.  

Following the Assembly I will be taking a few days of vacation, then traveling with John Petro (Kalamazoo, First) to Ghana July 17-25 to visit our partners there in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ho Presbytery. I will be back in the office on Monday, July 30.  May God Bless you in your summer activities.

Yours in Christ,

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